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FACE 2003

Six cases of Orthognathic surgery and two cases of Rhinoplasty has been posted on 27th & 28th April 2003.

Tentative Programme Details:
            We intend to operate on 4 cases per day on two tables simultaneously. Each case will be assisted by two (not more) registered hands-on delegates and one theatre nurse. Surgery will be transmitted live to the lecture hall through CCTV for the registered trainee delegates. Unregistered delegates without entry pass have no admission to any of the venues.  Registrations for FACE 2003 has been closed. Spot registrations are not entertained.

27th Sunday     Venue: Trichur Institute of Head and Neck Surgery (TIHANS)
8:30am    :    Registration

9:00am to 4:30pm  :    Demonstration of surgery.

4:30am    :    FACE 2003 inaugural function - Welcome Address
4:45am    :    Lightening the lamp
4:50am    :    Chief Guest Address
5:05am    :    Release of CD on Facioesthetic Surgery

5:30pm to 8:00pm   :    Lectures
I - Presurgical Orthodontics and Cephalometric analysis. (Dr Tojan Chacko)
II - Demonstration of prediction tracing & model surgery.
III - Correction of Maxillary deformities.
IV - Correction of Facial Asymmetry.
V - Correction of Mandibular deformities.
VI - Correction of Nasal deformities. (Dr Subramanya Iyer)

8:30pm    :    Banquet    Venue: Aquatics Club (Hosted by IDA Trichur)


28th Monday     Venue: Trichur Institute of Head and Neck Surgery (TIHANS)

9:00am to 4:30pm    :    Demonstration of surgery.

Tentative Theater List

Click on the links below for more details on the patient with photographs, x-rays and models. Each link will open in a new IE window, close the new window to come back to this main page.

27th Sunday:

Table I Table II
Case I : Gincy Mathew (Maxillary excess) Case II : Shabeer Ali (Mandibular prognathism)
Case III : Bijesh Bhaskaran (Facial asymmetry) Case IV : Biji Raju (Mandibular excess)

28th Monday:

Since Dr Subramanya Iyer has another surgical meeting on the 27th he will be operating only on 28th.

Table I

Table II

Case V : Divya VK (Rhinoplasty)

Case VI : Smitha Sahadevan (Retruded maxilla)

Case VII :                (Rhinoplasty)

Case VIII : Priya CA (Maxillary excess)