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Life is like that.
Laugh and the world will laugh with you.
Cry and the world will laugh at you.

The trouble with life in the fast lane is that
You get to the end much too fast.

Health is not valued until sickness comes.

Three grand essentials of happiness are: -
Something to do
Something to love
Something to hope for.

The sore made by fire will heal
Not so the wound made by the tongue.

The trouble with being an expert is that
You cannot turn to anybody else for advice.

Smile is the shortest distance between two people.

INSOMNIA: Much ado about nodding.

Baby-sitter is a teenager who must behave like an adult
So that the adults can go out and behave like a teenager.

You cannot control the wind
But you can adjust the sail.

You are young once
But you can be childish all your life.

If dogs could talk
It would take a lot of fun out of owning them.

CONSCIOUSNESS: The annoying thing between naps.

Footprints in sand of time
Are not made by sitting down.

TATTOO: Permanent proof of temporary insanity.

If there was no rock in the stream
The stream would have no song.

If the world is getting smaller
Why do the airline tickets cost more and more.

Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today
After all if you enjoyed it today
You can do it again tomorrow.

Opportunity knocks on your door
But most often it quickly sneaks up to you and leaves silently.

Speak the truth
But leave immediately after.

Some folks never exaggerate
They just remember BIG.

We cough to clear the lungs
We sigh to clear the heart.

The only thing we can remember about the speed of light
Is that it gets here too soon in the morning.

If Noah was truly wise
He would have swatted those two flies.

FASHION: When skirts go up
Pants come down.

Ever had the feeling in life
That when you are finally holding all the cards
Everyone is playing chess.

Many a child is spoiled because
You cannot spank his grandparents.

Theories about bring up children
Are usually erased by the arrival of the child.

The second day of the diet is always easier
Because by the second day you are off it.

BUFFET: A French word meaning
ď Getup and get it yourself Ē.

The toughest stitch on a garment
Is the one that affixes the price tag.

Getting old is when it takes you longer to rest
Than it did to get tired.

By the time you think your parents were right
You have children who know you are wrong.

Hold your Childs hand every chance you get
The time will come when he or she wonít let you.

Do not be so concerned with your rights
That you forget your manners.

Do not dismiss a good idea simply because
You do not like the source.

They should put expiration dates on clothes
So people would know when they go out of fashion.

Nowadays when it comes to shocking reading matter
You just cannot beat a price tag.

No one needs a vacation so much so
As the person who has just returned from one.

VACATION: Spending much money
To see how it rains in other parts of the world.

TRUTH: Something stranger than friction
But not as popular.

The ability to speak several languages is an asset
But the ability to keep your mouth shut in one is priceless.

Education is what is leftover
After you have forgotten the facts.

To some the ideal occupation is one
That does not keep them too occupied.

Some people suffer in silence louder
Than others complain.

The secret of success is to
Start from scratch and keep on scratching.

People do not live by bread alone
They need to buttered now and then.

Man is stronger than iron
Stronger than stone
More fragile than a rose.

Sometimes the fool who rushes in
Gets the job done well.

I do not know what makes the boss tick
But I sure know what makes him EXPLODE.

Infatuation like a common cold
Must run its course.

If you donít have a sense of humor
Then you do not have any sense at all.


Costumer: I want a haircut please.
Barber: Certainly sir, which one?

Sunitha: My dentist is going to take out my tooth on Saturday.
Asha: Gosh!! What some people will do for a date.

Who earns a living by driving customers away?

What job has plenty of openings?
A doormanís.

I am THE BOSS and you are NOTHING!! What are you?
And what am I?
Boss over nothing.
Phew. You are next to an idiot.
Very well, I will move.

A women driving in Delhi stopped for a red light.
However when the lights changed she stayed right just there.
When she hadnít moved after the lights had changed several times,
a policeman went over to her and asked politely
ď Whatís the matter madam, donít we have any colours you like?Ē

Customer: When I brought this cat, you told me he was good for mice.
But he doesnít even go near them.
Pet shop owner: Isnít that good for the mice?

Master carpenter: Son, you are certainly hammering those nails in like lightning!
Apprentice: You mean I am fast?
Carpenter: Nope, you never strike in the same place twice.

Wife: Our next-door neighbor must be very poor.
Husband: Why do you say that?
Wife: You should have seen the fuss they made when their baby swallowed a penny.

Policeman: You cannot park here. Read that sign.
Driver: I did. It says, ďFine for parking.Ē So I parked.

Boastful Ram: My dad has Jawaharlal Nehruís watch.
Sham: Oh! Thatís nothing, my dad has Adams apple.

Wife: I just saw a cute little baby snake.
Husband: How did you know it was a baby?
Wife: Because it had a rattle, stupid.

Genetic Engineer: I have crossed a racehorse with a kangaroo.
Race fan: Whatís so great about it?
Engineer: Now the jockey can ride inside comfortably.

Father spanking son: The only reason I am punishing you is because I love you.
Son: I am sure glad you donít hate me.

Little Geetha: I have a stomachache.
Aunty: Thatís because you havenít eaten anything and it is empty.
Geetha: Now I know why uncle has headache all the time. His head must be empty too.

Ramu: We had our granny for dinner during Diwali last year?
Reema: Really!! We only had chicken.

Husband to wife wearing hair curlers: What have done to your head?
Wife: I have set it.
Husband: Thatís great. When does it go off?

Mother: Do you know a girl named Mary?
Daughter: Yes mum, she sleeps next to me in geography class.

Little Dinggu after watching the baby cry loudly for sometime:
Did baby brother come from heaven?
Mother: Yes son.
Dinggu: I donít blame the angels for chucking him out.

Helen: I have taken horse riding to reduce weight.
Monika: Does it work?
Helen: So far I have taken 25 pounds off the horse.

Alice: Do not be scared. Barking dogs donít bite.
Tonny: You mean he never barks when he is biting.

Explorer ready for a swim in the Lagoon:
Are you sure there are no crocodiles in there?
Native: Sure, no crocodile. Sharks scare then away.

Policeman: You cannot Fish here.
Kid: I am not fishing I am giving my pet worm a bath.

Doctor to crying child: I am just going to take your pulse thatís all.
Sobbing kid: But donít I need it.

Mother: Why are you looking in the mirror with your eyes shut?
Kid: I want to see how I kook when I am asleep.

Grandma: Do you want to see cuckoo come out of the cuckoo clock?
Grandchild: Iíd rather see grandpa come out of the grandfather clock.

Yoga Instructor: Can you stand on your head?
Student: I tried, but I couldnít get my feet high to stand on my head.

Dad: What did I say I would do if I caught you smoking again?
Son: Thatís funny dad, I canít remember either.

A women standing in front of the Hippoís cage asked the attended:
Is your Hippo male or female?
Attendant: That is a question that should only interest another Hippo.

Old man: So you are related to the family next door.
Kid: Distantly sir. Their dog is our dogís brother.

Judge: Order! Order! Order in the court.
Prisoner: Ham and cheese sandwich please.

Sonu: I have changed my mind.
Seena: Good. Does it work better now?

Dad: I slept like a log last night.
Young child: I know dad, I heard you sawing it.

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