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Orthognathic Surgery

"The Esthetic Surgery of the Face."

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        Welcome to the only complete website on Orthognathic Surgery with surgical steps and photographs. The shape of the human face greatly depends on the structural framework of the facial skeleton. At the age of fifty a man may get a face he deserves, but now at the age of twenty, he can get a face he desires!!

         The seat of special sensory reception, face also moors the fine human expressions. Orthognathic surgery is that branch of Maxillofacial Surgery, which addresses the distortion of the jaw bones. As the term denotes (ortho means straight, gnathia means jaw) the branch envisages to change the visage from distortion to proportion and from disharmony to harmony. Now it is possible for us to do a little deft carpentry using burs, saws and chisels and move the segments of the bone in all three dimensions of space. The results of orthognathic surgery can have a dramatic and positive affect on many aspects of ones life.

        Jaw growth is a slow and gradual process and in some instances the upper and lower jaw or one side of the jaw to the other may grow at different rates. This may cause many functional and psychological problems. Injuries to the jaws at a young age or during birth (delivery) or birth defects may also affect the normal growth and positioning of the jaws. While orthodontic treatment (braces) can correct many problems if only the teeth are involved, orthognathic surgery maybe required if the jaw bones also need repositioning. Orthognathic surgery with rhinoplasty and orthodontics as its adjuvant can impart spectacular and miraculous alteration on the face.

The links below contain surgical details with diagrams and photographs. Each link opens in a new window, close that window to return back to this page.

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